Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, Inc. Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, Inc.

About Us

About Us

Our Mission

The mission of the Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, Inc.©, is to act as a catalyst to develop, nurture and sustain partnerships of residents, agencies, and institutions in the Southeast community and to create a healthy socioeconomic environment through which every child and family has an opportunity to achieve their maximum potential and to lead a productive life.

Our Vision

FSFSC envisions a community where:

  • Children have healthy relationships with their parents
  • Parents are capable, financially and emotionally, of taking care of their children
  • There are affordable, accessible, and quality resources, e.g. health care, counseling, housing, children, etc.
  • There is employment and other requirements for a stable family
  • Our students can compete on or above par with students from anywhere
  • There is low or no violence
  • Churches are the center of culture, social development, and cohesiveness for families
  • Elderly are respected and included and intergenerational relationships are fostered
  • There are positive images and messages
  • Police and residents work for peace and tranquility
  • Businesses enhance and keep their assets in the community

Our History

The Far Southeast Family Strengthening Collaborative, Inc.© (FSFSC) was formally established in April 1996 through a Neighborhood Collaborative Capacity Grant made possible through the federal Family Preservation and Support Act. During its first years, FSFSC worked to further develop its governance, administrative and service delivery infrastructure; conducted a series of Info-gatherings designed to educate the community about child abuse and neglect, implemented a small grant program (the Mini-Grant Program), and provided family support services. FSFSC serves all of Ward 8, and since its inception, has located its principal office in the Anacostia Professional Building, 2041 Martin Luther King, Jr., Avenue, SE, Washington, DC. FSFSC is organized as a partnership of residents, agencies, government bodies, and institutions located in and/or doing business in the southeast community.

FSFSC is a member of the citywide Healthy Families Thriving Communities Collaboratives, a network of all the Collaboratives, and a member in good standing of the joint policy body, the Collaborative Council.

FSFSC, Inc. envisioned a service delivery system that was neighborhood -based and family driven. This system was formed through a series of networks of support that were both flexible and responsive to the needs of children and families.

In seeking to build a healthy community, FSFSC, Inc. embraced the following values.

  • All children need and deserve stable and healthy families.
  • All families need a safe neighborhood and supportive community in which to live.
  • Children and families need educational, occupational, and economic opportunities.
  • Civic pride and community vitality can be fostered through the participation of residents in community affairs.

Our Philosophy and Guiding Principals

The philosophy and guiding principles of the FSFSC are expressed through the following beliefs:

  • Healthy families are key to the success of our children and they must have the necessary tools to provide their children with safety and well-being.
  • Neighborhoods and communities have the responsibility to support family well-being so that children are nurtured and prepared for responsible adulthood.
  • Collaboratives are community-based, neighborhood-owned service delivery models that respect and cherish the integrity of families and tap into the resources of their neighborhoods for socially responsible action.

These strategies build healthy families and support thriving communities that move people toward self-sufficiency and mutual support. The FSFSC strives to develop a helping system in the Southeast community by building on five Neighborhood Committees and other community health, mental health, social service, and resident resources. The entire community is seen as an integral part of the helping system. The people who live, work, worship, or have interest in the community are the first line of defense in maintaining a healthy community and safe children. The Collaborative and its other partners, collectively, provide services to children and families -- including family stabilization and conjointly work to build community capacity.

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