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'Milestones' Supervised Visitation Program



The 'Milestones' Supervised Visitation Program, (MSVP), is rooted in the belief that the reunification of families is a lengthy, personal and emotional process. Therefore, the 'Milestones' mission is to offer Ward 8 families, the appropriate time, tools, environment, and mental/emotional supports that can empower and realistically prepare them for the homecoming of their children.


Our goals are to maintain family bonds while encouraging families to prepare for reunification; in doing so we:

  • Utilize family social history to improve family interactions
  • Impart knowledge for informed family and social service decision-making
  • Equip parents and children with safe and nurturing experiences
  • Encourage learning and re-learning through activities and programs that promote bonding, coping skills and behavior modification
  • Simulate and model life-skills needed to encourage and sustain reunification
  • Encourage collaborative efforts amongst families and social agents for consistent, appropriate services
  • Communicate and implement individual, family-based services


  • Family Assessments
  • Initial and Review Staffing
  • On-Site/Community Visitations
  • Pre- and Post- Visitation Consultations
  • Weekly observation documentation
  • Progressive visitation planning
  • Flexible hours
  • Court attendance as required
  • Quarterly Reviews
  • Nutritional snacks and meal planning
  • Transportation (to and from visits)

To Apply

The Child and Family Services Social Worker will submit:

  • Complete Intake Form
  • Most recent court report (with specific detail to court ordered visitation)
  • Most recent service plan
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